June 22, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 544

Naruto Manga Chapter 544 Two Suns

The report about the white zetsu chip away at the joint shinoby army has been coming. Shikamaru's father in lieu of the Raikage and hogake have to think about a counter strategy in this difficult situation without making them concerned about that. While Bee is still convincing his brother about jinchuuriki strenght in order to make his brother understand the reason why he and naruto have to go to battlefield. Their strenght isn't only from the tailed beast, but what was inside thir heart before the monster, shine like a sun and give them powers. Especially for Naruto, he has two suns, his mom and dad. Basically this chapter is rather boring, Naruto tell Raikage and Hokage the story about why his dad seal nine tailed fox inside him. So they knew everything about nine tails attack on the leaf long time ago was caused by Madara. And also about what his dad and mom leave behind inside him is their faith, faith that Naruto could fulfill the role of a savior. Raikage doesn't want to believe its story easily, so he is testing Naruto in his own way. He came to naruto with the intent kill and max power but naruto dodged his top speed punch and become the 2nd person after Minato. And the long night is ending, the enemy is about uses to their new eyes. The second day of the war comes.

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