April 21, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 536

Naruto Manga Chapter 536 Naruto Goes to War!
 Naruto is off and Iruka meet with Killer Bee. Although that was their first time seeing each other, but Killer Bee feel like he know Iruka from someplace. When Iruka asked him to protect Naruto, Killer bee remembered that he saw Iruka in Naruto's heart, because till now Iruka's word has protected naruto all the way. While Akatsuki still advancing their move, Raikage and Tsunade try to stop Naruto with barrier. The Barrier team have been ready in their position when Naruto come and he almost caught up with the barrier. Fortunately Bee come and both of them work together to break the barrier down. Finally Naruto and Bee get out from their hideplace, and as expected from Akatsuki, they already know about that. It seemed Akatsuki changed their strategy, they didn't need Feudal Lords anymore. And Madara has decided to join the fight. It still unlear about his next target, but his appearance always fabulous clearly.

April 13, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 535

Naruto Manga Chapter 535 Iruka's Persuasion

Iruka sensei has coming to stop Naruto go outside under Tsunade order. He is trying to persuade Naruto by saying a lie story to make good cover up from the truth. Iruka tell him that they are just discovered a completely new creature with demon fox chakra itself, so if Naruto try to go outside, his chakra will react and flip out. But Naruto still insist to go outside. So the only way to stop him is by using hard way. When Shikamaru's father catch him with shadow mimic, Naruto can feel about what happened out there more clearly and so he ask again about what happened to Iruka sensei. Then Iruka tell him the truth, because he know Naruto's no fool. But even after Iruka tell him a reason why he can't go outside, Naruto still decided to join the war and 'll endure the hate and pain on his own. So then Iruka tell him about what he really think about him and try to stop him once again just to give his message and encourage to Naruto. In his letter, Iruka tell him why he is trying to stop him and ask him to come back alive.

April 06, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 534

Naruto Manga Chapter 534 Farewell, Ino-Shika-Chou!
Finally Chouji decided to release his secret technique without the red pepper pill. He is able to do it because of the will to surpass his teacher Asuma. Now the three of them have to created a chance for sealing squad to completely sealed Asuma off. Shikamaru use shadow sewing technique to control white Zetsu and attack Asuma, and when Asuma's defense become weak, Chouji hit him with confidence face. While Asuma stuck up on the wall, Shikamaru use shadow mimic shuriken technique to make Asuma can't move. And before sealing squad doing their job, Asuma say a farewell word to his beloved student. He proudly say that Ino-Shika-Chou formation was perfect. After their battle over, Chouji became more adult and take initiative to ending the battle in there. And finally after some episode, Naruto shown up, he can't concentrate in training after sensed something's up out there. Naruto's trying to leave the temple but Tsunade give order to freeze Naruto. And when Naruto ask them the reason he can't leave that place, Iruka sensei appear in front of him.