February 15, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 574

Naruto Manga Chapter 574 The Eyes That Look Into The Darkness
In this chapter team Taka made their appearance after a while. Short stories, as Sasuke became more corrupt and focused in his revenge against Konoha, he abandoned Jugo and Suigetsu in the Land of Iron to pursue Danzo, and, when Karin became a burden to him, he critically wounded her, effectively disbanding Taka, though Suigetsu and Jugo are still under the impression of otherwise. Then Jugo and Suigetsu accidentally find Orochimaru's hidden room. In that room, Suigetsu find important data from Orochimaru's research that can be used to gain control over the war.
And sasuke after all this time disappeared, its emergence into action in the fight against the white Zangetsu. It seems Sasuke has developed again his Susanoo become more powerful than before. After  defeating several white Zangetsu, using sharingan he is collecting information about the war directly from their brain. Sasuke finally knew what was happening that masked man is fighting with Naruto and Killer Bee. Knowing the situation about Naruto, Sasuke decided to go there and come to fight as well. His strength increased drastically, he is getting more and more acustomed to Itachi's eyes. The eyes that look into the darkness, all the brutal, sad, and grave things burned into his brother's eyes.

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