February 29, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 576

Naruto Manga Chapter 576 The Guide Of The Reunion
Sasuke sees Itachi in the wood, and Sasuke remembers his brother as he sees him once more. He calls out to him, and chases after him, but itachi doesn’t listen or reply. In order to stops Itachi, Sasuke attacks with Susanoo, which is repelled by the Itachi’s Susanoo. Itachi is surprised that sasuke can use the technique, and explains that he was revived by kabuto edo tensei. Itachi tells sasuke to leave him alone, that he has a mission to fulfill. Sasuke talks to him like a normal little brother. He has a lot of questions.
Itachi remarks that he heard about sasuke from naruto, and that sasuke’s really changed. Sasuke says that he knows everything about what happen in the past, and all his lies. He asks itachi why he left only him alive. But Itachi just talking about his regret for having wrong step in the past. He only wished that Sasuke would walk the right path and yet after he died Sasuke turned into criminal. Then itachi refuses to answer any more of sasuke questions, and says that he must focus on stopping the edo tensei.
Back again into a battle between Madara Vs The Five Kages. Madara says he’s going to take out tsunade first, since she carries the blood of the 1st hokage. Madara compliment’s the 1st hokage saying that some even called him the strongest shinobi who ever lived, someone far above tsunade’s level. He even calls tsunade a weak woman, and says that the weak are ugly and useless. But despite the several abuse, tsunade stands her ground and prepares to fight.

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