March 28, 2012

Naruto Manga Chapter 580

Naruto Manga Chapter 580 Brothers Time
The latest chapter end with Kabuto turns into a dragon. Hated and loaded by others, Kabuto had to hide and sharpening his claws in order to waiting for this moment. Kabuto sage mode on, he begin his attack with "Sage Jutsu Hakugeki". As itachi rushes over, Kabuto create wind vibrations that break the concentration of Sasuke and Itachi, so avoid them to track the exact location of Kabuto. Sasuke and itachi are paralyzed by the wind vibrations, but since kabuto can liquefy his body, he can still move. And he goes after Sasuke first but itachi movements throw kabuto off-kilter. Itachi explain that he already know where kabuto going to attack, so he can guard properly.

Itachi would remind Sasuke the plan they've ever run first when carrying out the mission together. Sasuke remembering hunting a huge boar as the puts the plan into action with hisbrother and began to run their plans. But Kabuto makes an unexpected move and stab Itachi. However, it seems that Itachi was stabbed just a clone. Itachi’s body splits into crows and then regroups. At the end of their situation back to normal. Itachi and Sasuke remember their time together and prepare to catch the snake.

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