February 26, 2008

Hyuga Hinata Profile Review

Name : Hyuga Hinata
Age : 12
Birthday : 27 December
Father : Hyuga Hiashi
Sensei : Kurenai Yuhi
Teammate : Kiba Inuzuka & Aburame Shino
Rank : Chunin
Team : 8
Nature Chakra : Lightning elemental

Hinata Profile Review
Hinata Hyuga is the eldest daughter of the Hyuga clan's main branch, and thus is the heiress of the clan. Her father trained her to use the clan's more basic abilities such as the Gentle Fist style of combat, though in time he came to deem her a lost cause and abandoned her to Kurenai's care. Throughout her early time in Team 8, Hinata's lack of self-confidence and unwillingness to fight would cause her to fail on every mission she is assigned. In an attempt to change herself Hinata enters the Chunin Exams. After her defeat by her cousin, Neji Hyuga, Hinata starts training to make herself stronger. Her efforts eventually allow her to acquire a better relationship with her father, who encourages her to continue working on improving herself.
(Source from Wikipedia)

Hinata Abilities
In the anime, her training eventually results in her creation of Protection of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms , a combination of the Hyuga clan's more powerful techniques. With it, Hinata creates blades of chakra that she can use to hit any target in her Byakugan's field of vision. Due to the speed at which these blades move as well as the amount of control she has over them, Hinata can use this technique to attack and defend simultaneously.
(Source from Wikipedia)

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