February 26, 2008

Kurenai Yuhi Profile Review

Name : Kurenai Yuhi
Age : 27
Love : Asuma Sarutobi
Student : Hyuga Hinata, Kiba Inuzuka, & Aburame Shino
Rank : Jonin
Team : 8
Nature Chakra : Fire elemental

Kurenai Profile Review
Kurenai Yuhi is the leader of Team 8. Kurenai acted as an Academy Instructor for many years, eventually becoming a Jonin soon before the start of the series. Once Team 8 was formed, Hinata Hyuga was left in her care, Hinata's father having little use for her. Kurenai has since begun to act as a parent for Hinata and tries to help her in overcoming her own weaknesses. Kurenai has a long-standing relationship with Asuma Sarutobi, with whom she frequently appears. Despite this, the two deny being a couple and try to write off the amount of time they spend together, though numerous characters suspect otherwise. In Part II the revelation that Kurenai is pregnant with Asuma's child makes their relationship clear.
(Source from Wikipedia)

Kurenai Abilities
Kurenai specializes in genjutsu, and as seen in the anime is very proficient with it. Through the use of Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death , Kurenai can disappear and sneak up on an opponent unnoticed. Once she has done so she creates the illusion of a tree growing around the opponent to effectively immobilize them, allowing her to kill them as she pleases. The Kurama Clan arc shows Kurenai capable of using this jutsu multiple times in a row, as well as being able to create any kind of foliage with which to capture the opponent.
(Source from Wikipedia)

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