June 02, 2008

Download Naruto Manga (Comic) Vol 41

Now we try to post about download naruto manga (comic)per one volume, in this post we give you the way for download Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 41. We hope its make easier for search this post. Get all chapter in volume 41 by clicking download below :

Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 41
Review from wikipedia:
After gathering some intelligence on Pain, Jiraiya goes to confront him. Before he can do so, however, he is found by Pain's partner, Konan, a former student of his. During a brief battle Jiraiya begins to suspect that Pain is also a former student, Nagato, a belief that is confirmed upon the Akatsuki leader's arrival. Konan falls back while Pain battles with Jiraiya, and the two exchange blows with their summons. Once Jiraiya's toads begin to gain the upperhand, Pain summons two additional Pains to fight alongside him. Though caught off guard by this turn of events and left outnumbered, Jiraiya is able to finish off the three bodies. Believing the battle to be won, Jiraiya continues on his way, only to be badly injured by the appearance of three more Pains in addition to the three he just killed.

Volume title: Jiraiya's Choice!!

Released : February 4, 2008

Download Chapter List
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Naruto Manga Chapter 371 An Old Friend...!!
Naruto Manga Chapter 372 A Crying Country!!
Naruto Manga Chapter 373 The Student-and-Teacher Era...!!
Naruto Manga Chapter 374 Growth Into a God!!
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Naruto Manga Chapter 376 Child of Prophecy!!
Naruto Manga Chapter 377 Sage Mode!!
Naruto Manga Chapter 378 One on One...!!
Naruto Manga Chapter 379 Jiraiya's Choice!!

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