June 03, 2008

Download Naruto Manga (Comic) Vol 42

Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 42
Review from wikipedia:
Though able to capture one of the six, Jiraiya is unable to defeat Pain's other five bodies. Knowing this will be the only chance to learn the secret behind Pain, he sends the captured body to Tsunade and, doubting that Pain is actually Nagato, goes to investigate the Akatsuki leader's true identity. Jiraiya succeeds and sends his discovery to Naruto and the rest of Konoha, but dies of the wounds he sustains. Elsewhere, Sasuke meets with Itachi, leaving Snake behind to deal with his partner, Kisame. As Naruto and company near their location, Tobi steps in to stall them so that the two brothers can fight uninhibited. The battle between Sasuke and Itachi commences, and Sasuke is able to use his years of hate to push Itachi to his limits.

Volume title: Secret of the Mangekyo...!!

Released : May 2, 2008

Download Chapter List from volume 42
Naruto Manga Chapter 380 That Face...!
Naruto Manga Chapter 381 His True Identity!
Naruto Manga Chapter 382 My Real Decision!
Naruto Manga Chapter 383 The Epilogue, And The...!!
Naruto Manga Chapter 384 Two Roads
Naruto Manga Chapter 385 The Secret of the Mangekyou!
Naruto Manga Chapter 386 My New Light!
Naruto Manga Chapter 387 Reality...!!
Naruto Manga Chapter 388 The Gap Between Our Power!
Naruto Manga Chapter 389 Sasuke Turns the Tide!

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