July 31, 2008

Bonds Between Student and Teacher

Wallpaper title : Bonds Between Student and Teacher
Description : Start from Sarutobi or third Hokage as Jiraiya's teacher/sensei, then Jiraiya after has been known as Maestro of Ero Sannin, he has student which was being known as Minato Namikaze or Fourth Hokage. The bonds didn't stop, Minato also has student which is now becoming Uzumaki Naruto's teacher/sensei, and he is Hatake Kakashi. During their life time, there was a moment they ever live together until 4th Hokage, 3rd Hokage and Jiraiya death in battle for protected their beloved person. From Third Hokage untill Naruto, the Bonds Between Student and Teacher Never die. Even a breeje swirls across the village, forever linking student and teacher.

Sarutobi, Jiraiya, 3rd and 4th Hokage, Kakashi, naruto
It must be very good example for us. We must keep our bonds that we have because its could make someone become more stronger to protect the bonds, isn't right. So get this "Bonds Between Student and Teacher" wallpaper soon by clicking on image.

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