August 03, 2008

Naruto's Dream

First, After Sasuke leaved Konoha and joined with Orochimaru, he become more stronger than Naruto, even he could able to beat his brother Itachi and took Itachi's position in Akatsuki. Naruto ever fought with Sasuke in Orochimaru's hiding but he lose. Since that day Naruto promise him self to become more stronger and stronger over Sasuke. His dream is beat Sasuke and bring Sasuke back to Konoha.

Second, Since Naruto's childhood, he have one dream and always said his dream to every people and he never forget with that, yes, become Hokage like his father, Minato Namikaze.

Third, I just guess this also part of Naruto's dream. Because Naruto like this girl after he met her for the first time in Chunin Exam. Naruto always worried about her saved and protect her from danger. So I guess, Marry Sakura is one of Naruto's dreams.

naruto shippuden wallpapers
I try to make or draw Naruto's dream into wallpaper, ihope you all like with this one ^_^

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