August 24, 2008

KIba - Hinata, Special Lovers 8

Kiba and Hinata have been chosen as Special Lovers 8, maybe Naruto will be disappointed with this result but it can be refrained that Hinata would be better with Kiba. If we read Naruto manga or watch the anime lately, Kiba become more closer with Hinata not just in training, they also appear together more often than before. Meanwhile Naruto and Sakura look like become more comprehending each other. I think it wasn't complicated anymore, I agree if Kiba with Hinata while Naruto with Sakura.

kiba and hinataYou see that, Kiba is perfect for Hinata, I'm sure that Hinata just feeling pity and admire Naruto for what he did for her, but her truely love is Kiba. And how about Sasuke, who is the best girl for Sasuke's soulmate if Sakura would be Naruto's soulmate? You will get the answer on my next posting.

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Anonymous said...

As if. Hinata's admire Naruto her entire life, to the point of love, which she proves by putting her life on the line for Naruto. Get your head on straight.

Anonymous said...

I think Hinata and Gaara would look good together.

Anonymous said...

Hinata deserves much better than Kiba. Kiba is stubborn, stupid, an asshole, and an overall flat character. Sakura is immature, insincere, naive, weak-minded, shallow and superficial, the list goes on and on. On top of it all, she's a nagging bitch. To compare leagues Naruto is worlds and worlds beyond Sakura. Hinata and Naruto are the best fitting next-generation couple in the show. Whether you want to accept that fact is up to you.

Anonymous said...

But ...Naruto... isn't he with Hinata, while Sakura is with Sasuke?..