January 14, 2009

Naruto's Funny Story

A short story but very funny, only 4 volume but I think it's enough to make me laugh ha..ha..ha. Volume 1, its about Hinata's father (Hyuga Hiashi), he didn't agree with relathionship between Naruto and Hinata, but Hinata make a good jutsu to summoning Naruto's father because she knew his father can't do anything to his lord.

Continue to Volume 2, Naruto seem angry with his father because Yondaime didn't go back to his true world even he tried to disturb Hinata. Naruto also ask his father about the reason why he sealed kyuubi into his body. And the worst scenario, the battle beetween Hyuga clan and Hokage still to be continue.

Volume 3, Naruto and Hinata run away from the battle and hide. When they were hiding, the situation become romantism. But unfortunately Kiba and akamaru appear and make the situation to be worst.

Volume 4, this is the funniest part, Naruto wanna fight with Kiba after Kiba make him failed to kiss Hinata. And Kiba cannot let Naruto more closer with Hinata. But Shikamaru make them look stupid because here Shikamaru is very popular and have many girlfriends.

And for the bonus I still has two another Naruto's Funny Stories. The first story is about sasuke that wanna be more stronger, so he is copying all Rock Lee movement but he feel there is something left behind. The second story is about Sakura's dreaming, she lost her confidence and its caused by simple thing "ZIZE".

Sorry if make the picture more smaller than the true pixels but you could get all picture in large pixels by download it here.

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