January 09, 2009

New Style of Uzumaki Naruto

This is completely new Naruto, not only his power has become more stronger with his new awesome jutsu but his clothes or style also change. The new Naruto taken from integrated between his father "Minato" and his teacher "Jiraiya". It was happened after Naruto trained in home of toads, Naruto prepare himself for the inevitable encounter with Pain. WIth long and hard train Naruto finally mastered well The Sage Technique. Now he has been surpassed who come before him. See the new style of Naruto below:

naruto shippuuden, sage mode, wallpapersYou could read completely story on Naruto Manga Chapter 430 "Naruto Return!!" (get it here) It was so amazing, Naruto really grow up, he beat one of pain bodies only in one hit. Every people see the shadow of Minato and Jiraiya behind him. I couldn't waiting for the anime, surely will be the greatest episode.

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Double H said...

Maybe it's only for a while...who knows! XD

bob said...

i prefer the old naruto