May 15, 2009

Shippuuden Party Collection

Hi everyone, I would like to show you my new collection wallpaper. Get it out, Naruto and others come to party with their new fashion. First they are coming to candle light dinner party, theme of fashion is black, could you see here the girls are so beautiful and sexy with black nightdress. Temari, Hinata, Sakura, Ino and Tenten have being ready for candle light dinner party. How about the boys? Don't underestimate them, The boys can't lose from the girls, with black tuxedo they will make all girls around screaming hysterical. Shino, Kiba, Chouji, Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke, Kankuro, Gaara, Lee and Neji look so handsome with their black tuxedo.

naruto dinner partynaruto shippuden partynaruto candle light dinner partyAfter that All of them go to Dance Party, we could see Naruto choose Hinata as his date because Sakura is already with Lee. It also seems Temari ask for lazy Shikamaru to dance with her. And the star Lady Tsunade is also coming to dance party which was accompanied by Kakashi sensei. Other romantic couple are Neji and Tenten, with their classic fashion they look so sweet.

naruto dance partyAs hidden leaf ninja they can't leave their needed as human. They have to work too, just like normaly people. So sometimes in their busy time in office, they need to rest by performing event Office Party. Here you will see Neji, Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke, Shino, Kiba and Shikamaru in boys group. And Hinata, Ino, Sakura and Tenten in Girls group. They are wearing formal dress in office and look so cool. But not only that, the most even suprised me is the girls also have secret party in holiday. Without the boys, they are going to the beach for Beach Party or we could called this as Bikini party. Beautiful and sexy, that are my comment about Temari, Sakura, Ino, tenten and Hinata with their cute bikini.

narto party in the officekunoichi Beach PartyAnd the last party usually done by them is Street Party. With daily dress, they are going to someplace and enjoying nature view. Yes, we could said that as picnic or just travelling. But for Ninja's life which was fill their day with fight, it could become a party.

naruto party
Ok, I hope you like with my Shippuuden Party Collection Wallpaper. Thanks for your visited here.

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