January 13, 2010

Fu Profile

Name : Fu
Gender : Female
Age : Unknown (Deceased)
Tailed Beast : Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle
Classification : Jinchuriki
Affiliation : Takigakure

Fu was a kunoichi from Takigakure and the jinchuriki of the Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle. Fu has bright green hair and pink eyes. She wears a clip on her hair, high white shirt and armlets and a fishnet waistband. She also wears the Takigakure forehead protector on her arm like Shikamaru. She also carries a cylindrical object on her back. The Seven-Tails has been captured and sealed by Akatsuki, causing Fu's death when the beast was extracted.

Fu and Seven Tailed Horned Beetle

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