January 13, 2010


Name : Utakata
Gender : Male
Age : Deceased
Tailed Beast : Six-Tailed Slug
Classification : Jinchuriki
Affiliation : Kirigakure
Unique Traits :

* Soap-Bubble Ninjutsu

Utakata was a shinobi from Kirigakure and the jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug. Utakata is a charming young male with brown shoulder-length hair with amber-colored eyes. He wears a long blue kimono with an orange sash belt. He carries a scroll inside his kimono that's tied on by his sash belt. The Six-Tails has been captured and sealed by Akatsuki, causing Utakata's death when the beast was extracted. While the events surrounding his capture and death are currently unknown.

Utakata and Six Tailed Slug

Utakata fought using soap bubble (shabondama) ninjutsu from the Bubble-line (Baburu-kei) of ninjutsu, using a unique kind of bubble-blowing relic. In the anime, it is shown he is able to stand inside the bubbles he blows and can float along inside them.

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