January 14, 2010

Killer Bee Vs Sasuke Vs Kisame

This post is preview about Killer Bee battle fight again Sasuke and Kisame. And you could see the wallpaper from Killer Bee Vs Sasuke and Killer Bee Vs Kisame.

Killer Bee Wallpaper
killer bee wallpapersKiller Bee Encounter Team Taka in the Unraikyo mountains and show up very interesting fighting. He is very stronger jinchuriki, capable of overwhelming the entire Team Taka all by himself. Even he was defeated, but in fairly fighting with Sasuke one on one, maybe the result would turn around. Killer bee was able to control his bijuu perfectly and being able to transform into three version. With his ability, Sasuke almost died in fighting him. Fortunately Sasuke release Amaterasu, which Killer bee didn't predicted that move. But it seem, Killer Bee didn't want his bijuu to be extracted from his body, he managed to got carried away and alive.

Killer Bee Vs Sasuke Wallpaper
killer bee vs sasukeMadara sent Kisame to capture Killer Bee after Sasuke failed, and found him being taught to sing enka by Sabu. Kisame with Samehada on his hand, become the worst opponent for Killer Bee. We could said this battle between Shark and Octopus. Every single attack from Killer Bee, Kisame was able to dodge and absorb Killer bee chakra use Samehada. More stronger the enemy, Kisame also became more stronger at the same level. Killer bee transform into eight tailed chakra and land full attack into Kisame. However before Kisame died, he fused with Samehada, it covered itself around Kisame's body, healing him and turned him even more into a shark with all the chakra Samehada absorbed. He then used Great Exploding Water Shockwave and then used Water Prison Shark Dance to turn the battlefield into a giant dome of water, taking advantage of his his new form.

Killer Bee Vs Kisame Wallpaper
killer bee vs kisameAfter long and difficult battle, Kisame won and prepared to capture Killer Bee. Kisame was about to cut off Killer Bee's leg but Samehada attacked Kisame, Samehada chose Killer Bee and started giving him chakra. Kisame kick Samehada away and just use one of Killer Bee's swords. Before Kisame succesfully cut off Killer Bee's leg, however he was stopped by the Raikage. Raikage and Killer Bee then attacked Kisame at the same time, decapitating Kisame with a tag-team lariat. Killer Bee once again get away from death.

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