January 20, 2010

Sage of the Six Paths

Name : Sage of the Six Paths (Rikudo Sennin)
Gender : Male
Tailed Beast : Ten-Tailed Beast
Classification : Jinchuriki
Family : Senju clan ancestor (Son), Uchiha clan ancestor (Son)
Nature Type:
* Fire
* Wind
* Lightning
* Earth
* Water
* Nature transformation (Yin and Yang)
Jutsu :
* Chibaku Tensei

The Sage of the Six Paths (Rikudo Sennin) was said to be the legendary figure who founded the ninja world and was the creator and first user of modern ninjutsu, essentially making him the first shinobi in the modern context of the term, as well as the first jinchuriki. He also known as Saviour of this World and God of Shinobi.

Although depicted only as a silhouette, several details can be inferred about the Sage's appearance. He had long, spiky hair flowing backwards, in a style similar to Madara Uchiha's. He wore what appeared to be a cloak with a high open collar or armor similar to that worn by Hashirama Senju, showing his necklace with six red magatama. He seemed to have horns on his forehead; this could be a forehead protector similar to the one worn by Jiraiya.

The Sage was shown carrying two objects. One was what appeared to be a large katana in his hand, whilst the other was a shakujO, a Buddhist ringed staff which is meant to be used in prayer, but can also be effectively employed as a weapon.

Pioneer Ninja
The Sage was revered as the man to first understand the nature of chakra. Using this understanding, combined with his kekkai genkai, the Rinnegan, he created the first modern ninjutsu. With these powers, he obtained a large following, which led to the creation of the ninja villages. As the first true ninja, he revolutionized the world, and changed it forever.

The Sage was said to have been the only shinobi to have mastered the Rinnegan, allowing him all six changes in chakra nature. He is revered as one of the most legendary figures in the Naruto universe, and is likely the strongest ninja that ever existed. He was so powerful that he created the moon using Chibaku Tensei. Even Nagato stated that his power paled in comparison to that of the Sage.

The Sage developed the first jutsu capable of sealing a tailed beast inside a human body, making himself the first jinchuriki in history. Having the Ten-Tailed Beast's power contained inside him, the Sage developed immeasurable power that far surpassed all of his peers. Even on his deathbed, he was able to employ Chibaku Tensei on a massive scale and use that chakra to create the moon and seal away the body of the Ten-Tailed Beast within, a clear testament to his incredible power.

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