January 14, 2010

Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 48

Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 48
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Using the knowledge gathered from Jiraiya and other Konoha ninja, Naruto locates Nagato, the emaciated man who controls Pain. Before deciding what to do with him, Naruto asks how Nagato, a fellow pupil of Jiraiya, could have gone so astray. Nagato explains how the various tragedies he experienced in his life led him to desire peace through war. Naruto rejects his conclusion for differing from Jiraiya's ideals and resolves to find peace some other way. To that end, he spares Nagato, as his death would only produce another war. Amazed, Nagato decides to put faith in Naruto's method and sacrifices his life to revive everyone that died in Konoha's defense. In the aftermath the village starts to rebuild and Tsunade, having expended all of her energy to protect the villagers from Pain, is left in a coma. Danzo replaces her as Hokage and as his first act orders Sasuke be executed as a traitor to the village.

Volume title: The Cheering Village!!

Released : November 4, 2009 [Japanese], June 8, 2010 [English]

Cover characters : Naruto Uzumaki, jiraiya sama, Nagato (Pain)

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