January 14, 2010

Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 49

Naruto Manga (Comic) Volume 49
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The five Kage gather to decide how best to keep the remaining tailed beasts away from Akatsuki. Naruto also attends in secret, hoping to convince the Kage to forgive Sasuke for his crimes. Sasuke, however, takes Taka to the Kage meeting to kill Danzo, a conspirator in the Uchiha clan's assassination. Their presence is soon discovered and the Kage mobilize to deal with them. The Raikage, believing that Killer Bee is still in Akatsuki's possession, takes a special interest in the matter and fights Sasuke one-on-one.

Volume title: The Gokage Summit Commences!!

Released : January 4, 2010 [Japanese], October 5, 2010 [English]

Cover characters : Naruto Uzumaki, Five Kages

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Naruto Manga Chapter 454 The Five Kages
Naruto Manga Chapter 455 Bond
Naruto Manga Chapter 456 Naruto Departs
Naruto Manga Chapter 457 The Meeting of the Five Kages Begins
Naruto Manga Chapter 458 The Five Kages' Argument
Naruto Manga Chapter 459 Sakura's Decision
Naruto Manga Chapter 460 Sasuke Surrounded
Naruto Manga Chapter 461 Kumogakure vs. Hawk
Naruto Manga Chapter 462 Sasuke's Dogma
Naruto Manga Chapter 463 Sasuke Vs Raikage

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