January 20, 2010

Ten Tailed Beast

Before nine tailed beast were appeared, there was story behind the appearance of them. According to Jiraiya, the Sage was a priest who appeared long ago in an age of endless war. He was the first to explain the truth about chakra and tried to use his power and wisdom to lead the world to peace instead of war. The Sage travelled throughout the world, spreading his ideas and religion, the Shinobi Sect (Ninshu), which eventually came to be known as ninjutsu. His great deeds and true desire to bring peace to the war-torn world led him to become widely known as the Saviour of the World or God of Shinobi.
According to Madara Uchiha, centuries before the beginning of the main story line the Sage defeated the most powerful demon in the ninja world, the Ten-Tailed Beast. In order to protect the world from the Ten-Tails, the Sage developed a new technique. The Sage was able to use this technique to seal the beast into his own body, allowing him to harness and control its terrifying power and making himself the first jinchuriki. Though he had successfully sealed the Ten-Tails, its power was so great that the seal would break after the Sage's death. Aware of this, the Sage used the rest of his strength to divide the beast's power into nine parts, which would become known as the nine tailed beasts. He then used the Chibaku Tensei to seal the Ten-Tails' remains and send them into the sky where no one could ever reach them, thus creating the moon. The Sage would leave behind a tablet for his descendants which details his history with the Ten-Tails. Only those who possess the Rinnegan can fully decipher what is written on the tablet, while a person with a different dojutsu can still partially interpret the information.

Rikudou Sennin and the JubiKYUUBI
The Ten-Tailed Beast (Jubi) is the original, primordial demon of the Naruto universe. All nine of the tailed beasts are but portions of chakra divided from the Ten-Tails. Madara Uchiha's ultimate goal, the Moon's Eye Plan, is to capture and merge all nine of the tailed beasts back into the Ten-Tails, and become its host to cast the reflection of his Sharingan on the moon, casting a genjutsu known as the Infinite Tsukuyomi which will put the entire world under his control.

So far, the Ten-Tails has only been seen once, in silhouette, but the form of its body seemed to be closest to that of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's body. Also, it appeared to have only one eye, which had four Rinnegan-like concentric circles, with nine Sharingan-like tomoe in the three circles closest to the pupil.

Eye of the ten tailed beast

As the fusion of all nine tailed beasts, the Ten-Tails is said to possess massive and overwhelmingly foul chakra that is potent enough to bring total despair and destruction to the world. The astonishing feat of not only successfully sealing the Ten-Tails, but also suppressing it, made the Sage a god-like hero throughout the shinobi world.

The Sage of the Six Paths (Rikudo Sennin) was said to be the legendary figure who founded the ninja world and was the creator and first user of modern ninjutsu, essentially making him the first shinobi in the modern context of the term, as well as the first jinchuriki.

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