February 22, 2010


AkatsuchiName: Akatsuchi
Gender : Male
Occupation : Tsuchikage's Bodyguard
Affiliation : Iwagakure
Partner : Kurotsuchi
Nature Type : Earth
Jutsu : Golem Technique

Akatsuchi is a large shinobi of Iwagakure and a bodyguard of the Third Tsuchikage. He was setting off with Kurotsuchi to escort the Third Tsuchikage to the Five Kage meeting, called for by the Fourth Raikage. When Onoki hurt his hips when trying to carry his bag by himself, Akatsuchi carried him along the way.

Though he has not been shown very much in battle, during Zetsu's assault, Akatsuchi has displayed the ability to expel a large rock golem from his mouth. This golem has great strength, capable of biting off Spore Zetsu's head, and pulling him from Akatsuchi's body.

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