February 22, 2010


KurotsuchiName : Kurotsuchi
Gender : Female
Occupation : Tsuchikage's Bodyguard
Affiliation : Iwagakure
Partner : Akatsuchi
Nature Type : Earth
Jutsu : Earth Release: Earth Dome

Kurotsuchi is a kunoichi of Iwagakure and a bodyguard of the Third Tsuchikage. Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi escort the Third Tsuchikage to the Five Kage meeting. When they are leaving the Tsuchikage hurts his hips trying to carry his own luggage, so she suggests that he should retire. After arriving in the Land of Iron and the the meeting gets under way, Kurotsuchi comes to the Tsuchikage's defense during the Fourth Raikage's, outburst. Kurotsuchi has short black hair with slim eyes. She wears fishnet tights on her legs and a black skirt over it with black pants on the side.

Kurotsuchi has shown the ability to erect a protective rock dome, similar to Yamato's Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall, which she either created out of thin air, or with the stone floor. The dome was powerful enough to endure several tones of rock falling on it when the ceiling collapsed.
Furthermore, she was able to deal with Zetsu's Spore Technique all on her own without inflicting any visable wounds upon it.

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