June 03, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 497

Naruto Manga Chapter 497 The Nine-Tails vs. Naruto is already out.

The final showdown begins, the nine tails vs Naruto. Naruto has to managed to pull out nine tails chkra even its risky his own life. Killer Bee give Naruto instruction what he has to do in there and sometimes help Naruto from danger. When Killer Bee used his last strength to help, Naruto do something unbelieveable, he attacked Nine tails with Sage Art-Gargantuan Rasengan. Very big and powerfull rasengan that this is the first time I see it. But its not enough to beat the nine tails, so Naruto make combination attack with "wind element-wind spiral shuriken"and it seems it worked. Then Naruto make decision to pull out nine tails's chakra when he still weaks, unfortunately the opposite case happened, the nine tails also didn't want to lose and try to pull it back Naruto's chakra. The nine tails hatred is stronger than Naruto will, when Naruto gonna lose control of him self, beyond the depth of the fox's hatred, Naruto meets his mother.

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