June 10, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 498

Naruto Manga Chapter 498 Mom's Red Hair is already out.

Naruto meet his mom on the middle battle with the nine tails. For the first time he think that the woman he saw is the nine tails's true form. But after seeing her clearly, Naruto realize that the woman in front of him is his mother Kushina. While crying, Naruto hugged his mother with a happy feeling. Its also stopped naruto transformation into the nine tails fox form. And the opposite, with Kushina's chakra, Naruto counter attack and chained the nine tails. So then Naruto have a time to talk with his mother. When their conversation come to his red haired mother, Naruto asking about how did his mother and his father fall in love. Kishuna tell everything about how she met with Minato (Naruto's father) untill they love each other. from that stories, Naruto know about one thing, he's inherited the wills of his father and mother.

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