July 15, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 502

Naruto Manga Chapter 502 The Fourth Hokage Goes to War is already out.

The flow through the village like a breeze, leaving behind an awe-inspiring, unforgetable legend in its wake. The leaf village sense the nine-tails return. Before the nine-tails was appeared by Madara's summoning techniques, there was an awful chill in the air. As soon as after the nine-tails attacked village, Fourth Hokage (Minato) fought the nine-tails forcefully. Minato stopped the nine-tails attack by a space time barrier technique. And also had to face Madara by himself. Minato's attack didn't work on Madara and even almost got suck into some dimention if he didn't use his teleportation technique. Minato try to analised who was the masked man behind that attack and came into conclusion to Uchiha Madara. Two strongest person fought each other, Madara made his body intangible to negate minato's attack then solidifies to counterattack.But Minato win the battle of speed by using the flying thunder god technique level two.

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