July 22, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 503

Naruto Manga Chapter 503 Minato's Dead Demon Seal is already out.
As expected from Fourth Hokage, his strikes succesfully to injure Madara. Without Madara noticing, Minato already put a mark into Madara body so he can use flying thunder god technique to make short distance in an instant between him and Madara. As soon as after that Minato pull the nine tails from Madara's control. But there were many konoha ninja also injured from the nine tails attack, Third Hokage and others strong ninja tried to hold it off until Minato arrives. Madara retreat from the fight and said that one day he will make the nine tails under his control again, so then the only problem was how to defeat the nine tails. Minato appearance by summoning Gamabunta and then teleport himself and the nine tails out from there. Its very dramatic and sad scene for Minato, Kushina and Naruto. Minato planned to seal the last Kushina chakra into Naruto's body and lead the nine tails away with dead demon seal.

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