August 19, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 506

 Naruto Manga Chapter 506 Gai vs. Kisame is already out..

Kisame try to escape out of the waterfall, but he meet Gai on the outside of waterfall. For the first time Gai think that was a shadow from himself, but killer Bee came and tell him that he was Akatsuki. As soon as after saw killer bee,Samehada leave Kisame, but Kisame use this opportunity to absorb bee chakra by holding in Samehada. His attendant try to warn Bee but it seem late. Even their own chakra are also got absorbed by Kisame. Gai give backup but itsn't enough to stop him. In order to prevent Kisame get outside the island's barrier. Gai is starting get serius and release his true power. With killer bee help, he thrown Gai to the direction where kisame goes. And Gai finally succesfull chase after kisame and the battle is begin.

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