August 26, 2010

Download Naruto Manga Chapter 507 A Living Lie

Naruto Manga Chapter 507 A Living Lie is already out.

The afternoon tiger vs giant shark missile,the long grudge match enterits final chapter. Kisame miscalculated Gai technique, by releasing giant shark missile it should be absorb the target chakra but it didn't work for gai technique. It seem gai has the upperhand technique and won the battle. The afternoon tiger wasn't a chakra blast but a combat move. It is punch that focuses a massive amount of air pressure on a single point. After capture Kisame, they try o learn what katsuki knows, what their plans are , and who's leading them. Some past memoirs from kisame shown up, he kill his comrades when he was in the secret intel squad of mist ninja and has special mission. Its also shown us that Madara has been contolling the fourth mizukage and make Kisame work for him. Suprisingly, under unconsciousness, Kisame bit his own tongue and make the last move.

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