September 11, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 509 A Bridge to Peace

Naruto Manga Chapter 509 A Bridge to Peace is already out.

Konan fight with Madara over the rinnegan, before the fight started, Madara ask to Konan about the reason why she and Nagato betrayed him. Konan give him the direct answer, its because Naruto carries the flower called hope, and also because Nagato believe Naruto from the bottom of his heart. But Madara doesn't concern anyreason from Konan, because he was the one who gave nagato the rinnegan and he will take it back what was his mine to begin with. After a little talk, Konan attacks madara  by surrounding him with the papers which was mixed with explosive tags. Konan has decided that she will be the support that hold both Yahiko and Nagato bridges up. In order to protect her goal, Konan tried to self-destruct and kill Madara with that, but Madara drag her to the other world, swallowed the explosion and also counteract Konan's plan.

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