September 23, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 511 We All Come Home

Naruto Manga Chapter 511 We All Come Home is already out.

The story starting about Konan, yahiko and Nagato when they were still young. It was about Jiraiya sensei taught them to use "hop in planks", its like a sign for them if they were in home or not. For their sake just in case the enemy disguise to be one of them. Finally in the last story it is shown that the three of them come home (just look in their "hop in planks"). On the other side, Madara take the rinnegan eyes and get the new mask. The information that Kisame gathered also has arrived to their hand. With a new mask and another step towards becoming complete, It seem that Madara has decided to capture the nine tails (Naruto).

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