October 14, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 513

Naruto Manga Chapter 513 Kabuto vs. The Tusuchikage! is already out.

The Tsuchikage and his two attendants leave to defend Naruto. While Kabuto on the way there, he resurected Deydara and even make him awakened completely. On the other side, Naruto and others try to hide the animals inside the giant tortoise's shell, altough Naruto din't even know what truely happen outside the island. Well, looks like The tsuchikage has been starting fight with Kabuto. Tsuchikage is trying to distract Kabuto, but Kabuto has his own plan, he secretly send a giant snake to look for Naruto's hideout. And Kabuto's plan was pretty succesfull, they have found Naruto's hideout. To make the tortoise stop from moving, Kabuto aks Deydara to make a huge bomb. And the result, the giant tortoise is flipped over.

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