November 02, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 515 The War Begins

Naruto Manga Chapter 515 The War Begins has been released yet.

With Yamato in Madara's hand, Naruto and the others going to the joint shinoby army. Tsuchikage carrying the entire turtle island with Naruto inside it in up air. Cause Yamato still hasn't come back, Naruto begins to sense that something's amiss. He wanna came back to the leaf as soon as possible to meet with Sasuke, but Killer bee try to make him calm down by asking him to do more training to control his beast chakra. So he can hold Naruto for a litle longer. And before naruto finished his train, they have arrived in the joint shinoby army. They also have known about Madara's hideout and planning to make the first move. So they were preparing all what they need seriously.  Meanwhile, Kabuto want to make Zetsu more stronger by using Yamato's power so he try to persuade madara to keep yamato alive. There's no stopping it now, the five countries vs akatsuki, the fourth ninja world war is underway.

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