November 11, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 516 Gaara's Speech

Naruto Manga Chapter 516 Gaara's Speech has been released.

Finally Gaara has been choosing as Commandder General of Joint Shinoby Army. In other place, Madara's army has been moving out, The death corpse army which was resurected by Kabuto have their mind but their body moving under Kabuto's controlled. Even they try to fight but Kabuto's power over power them. And the worst, Kabuto has plan to eradicate their personalities slowly and turn them into mindless death machine in the midle of battle. Their first move is kill the investigation team with anko as the captain. Meanwhile in joint shinoby army's side, there is still one problem to handle, they can't trust each other. But with his speech about his feeling from the moment he was born until he become himself today, Gaara said that they all only shinobi and ask them all to lend their aid for the sake of the world. And with that speech, they finally understand what the most important thing to do now.

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