November 26, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 518 The Ambush Squads Clash

Naruto Manga Chapter 518 The Ambush Squads Clash has been released yet.

Team squad ambush has been already starting their battle with enemy. Omoi's sudden attack succesfully saved their comrade from Sasori's control. Sai had battle with his brother and Kankurou attack sasori by using the same jutsu. It seemed the enemies didn't realize that some of them had improved or even maybe surpassed them. But the situation still remain dangerous, even both of side has plan slave up in their mind. First Kankurou used Blac Secret Technique Sanshouou to Sai's brother, trapped him and make him explode. But he regenerate his body back again. Then Sai's drawing jutsu succesfully attacked Deidara and sasori from behind. And make them unmoved with Kankurou's machine triple shot. While Sai's brothers finally freed him soul from its bind after saw Sai's drawing. The battle of souls between the two ambush squad is finished.

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