November 17, 2010

Naruto Manga Chapter 517 Omoi's War

Naruto Manga Chapter 517 Omoi's War has been released

Naruto Manga Chapter 517 Review
The ambush squad which is leading by Kankurou is already at his maximum anxiety level. One of them is Omoi, Raikage's subordinate ninja. He still worried if something happen and forced him to fight his own clan. Kankurou tried to explained to him about the situation clearly in order to make him clear up his mind. The war begin, the enemy ambush make their first move and succesfully captured some of them. By using Sasori's power to controlled other body, they are sneaking into Ambush squad main base and attacked them splendidly. Their body become as a shield and their weapon become enemies weapon. But the most shocking news is they have to fight with their own family. Kankuro vs Sasori, Sai vs his brothers, its looked like what omoi was thinking has become reality.

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