May 26, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 540

Naruto Manga Chapter 540 Madara's Strategy

The medical team is in danger, the enemy disguise as Neji while the true Neji feel sickness and tired in battlefild. Though their true motiv still unclear, Sakura could be the next target. And what we are worried happened, after trying to get information about Shizune, false neji attack Sakura. But fortunately, Sakura realizes that somethings wrong with Neji and dodge his attack. The enemy real identity was revealed, the Akatzuki 'Zetsu' trandsformed to be Neji into a perfect duplicate. Zetsu infiltration is succesfull, HQ army get reports coming in from all over that individuals are being assasinated and causing all sort of chaos. Its strange, for some reason Kabuto and Madara avoid their strong puppet like Itachi and Pain confronting with enemy, but after we know that Madara has another strategy, it was clear that madara aim to attack them from inside by using white Zetsu. While in other place Raikage and Hokage, the general of the army, block the way of Killer Bee and Naruto. It seems the next chapter 541 will be Naruto Vs Raikage.

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