June 01, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 541

Naruto Manga Chapter 541 Raikage vs. Naruto

Naruto and Killer Bee have to take down the last barrier if they want to go to the battlefield and it were Raikage and Lady Tsunade. There is a little argument between Raikage and Naruto. Raikage ask him to back to the safety hideout, but Naruto won't just hid and kept himself safe while his comrade out there sacrificing themselves for him. So, Naruto fly away try to escape but Raikage can keep up with his speed in nine tails mode and even throwing big punch which make Naruto stand back. Naruto force his way through and speed up his move but Raikage stillcan keep up. But the real shock is that Naruto nine tails mode is fast enough to keep up with Raikage which is known as the fastest shinobi alive after the fourth hokage (naruto's father). And when Raikage is trying to insulting his father, Naruto's emotion boiling up and move forward into raikage without hesitations. Raikage warn him if he still insist on going, he will kil him. And just before their jutsu clash each others, Bee stop them with his blade.

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