July 12, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 547

Naruto Manga Chapter 547 Object Of True Value

Gaara reunion again with his father, the change in Gaara shakes his father. Not only about he wasn't Jinchuuriki anymore but also the truth that he is kazekage and Commander general of the joint shinoby army make his father shocked. His father remembered about Gaara in the past when he was just born and when he started to lose contol of his power. That's time when The father decided to kill him in desperate situation as Kazekage after seeing his son as a failure. But this time the father will determine Gaara's worth once more by his own hand. The battle begin, eventhough four of them can't control their own bodies but they are still regaining their conciousness. So they ask the joint shinoby army to stop them no matter what the way. Gaara fight with his father, while Oonoki and the others have to face three others Kage. But it seems gaara surpassed his father, not only his sand jutsu become more powerful from his father, he is also able to catch his father and the others Kage inside his sand. His father tell Gaara about object of true value which was said by his Mother, Karura.

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