July 20, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 548

Naruto Manga Chapter 548 Naruto Vs. Itachi

For the first page two most trusted, powerful forces, Itachi and Nagato are showing up. But the whole story is still about the battle between Gaara, Oonoki and their army facing 4 previous Kage. After Gaara catched 3 kage including his father with his sand jutsu, Gaara's father confess about everything happened in the past. He told Gaara about how much his mother loved him and protecting him even after she already death. And also about Yashamaru (Gaara's uncle) that he never hated Gaara, what has Yashamaru done is under gaara's father order. His father regreted everything and admitted that what he has done till now was a mistake. Gaara cried again for the first time, it seems the wound in his hearth completely heal after his father given him medicine (love). After received forgiven, his father disappear and completely sealed. While the others Kage, succesfully escaped from Gaara's hand and going berserk, Oonoki facing his teacher. In the last page Naruto and Killer bee met with Itachi and Nagato. The two man cell summit battle.

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