July 27, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 549

Naruto Manga Chapter 549 Itachi's Question

Naruto and Bee met with Itachi anda Nagato, 4 top tier shinobi face each other down. Nagato is able to feel that naruto has changed become stronger shinobi than before. Itachi has question for Naruto, but before he could tell the question, Kabuto command him to attacks suddenly. Itachi's fire jutsu goes forward to Naruto and Bee, but samehada sword absorb that jutsu easily. While attacking Naruto, Itachi ask something about Sasuke, and naruto explain everything including about sasuke that's trying to take revenge on the leaf and even joined akatsuki. It seemed Madara was telling the truth about Itachi secret mission and the reason behind it. Their conversation is disturbed by Kabuto, Itachi and Nagato attack Naruto and Bee alternately. They were both strongest member of akatsuki, even Naruto and Bee had a hard time to face them. Not only illusion jutsu but also summoning jutsu, make naruto and bee being overwhelmed. And then Itachi activated strange jutsu and the crow out of from naruto's mouth.

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