August 24, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 552

Naruto Manga Chapter 552 The Prerequisite To Be Hokage

Nagato say farewell and be sealed forever, the battle is about to reach the climax. And for Kabuto, after realizing that Nagato has been defeated, he finally use his trump card. While on Naruto side, there is a little argument about who will be the one to stopped Kabuto's Edo tensei jutsu. Naruto stubborn wish to stop all this war by himself but Itachi make him remember something very important. Itachi told him not to forget about others and not to be arrogant about his power. itachi gave him advice not to shoulder everything alone and never forget his friends. Naruto realized that he almost make the same mistake as Madara, too obsessed to become strong and protect the world by himself. So before Itachi is going to face Kabuto, he ask Naruto to take care of his brother and ask Killer Bee to take care of naruto. In other place, the war still continue between Gaara's squad army and the previous kage. But finally Naruto arrived on the right time.

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