September 06, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 553

Naruto Manga Chapter 553 Arrival at the Main Battleground

Naruto came from behind and launch Rasengan Planet, but failed because Muu Sama is a sensor type. Gaara help Naruto with his sand alongside one another, and finally Naruto's counterattack "The Rankaiten Rasengan" succesfully landed into the Second Tsuchikage's body and threw it away. Before he could done anything, Onoki as the Third Tsuchikage stopped his move with earth element jutsu and Gaara sealed him with his sand. For the moment, Gaara didn't understand about the reason why Naruto came to the battlefield but the battle isn't over yet and they go to the next battlefield. In the other side joined squad army have to face the third raikage, but he was a ninja with incredible speed power and strength and they need more strong wind-element users to defeat him. So Naruto came on the right place and gave them a hope. On the last part of story, Sasuke appear with the eternal mangekyou sharingan, a charmed union of light and darkness.

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