September 21, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 556

Naruto Manga Chapter 556 Gaara vs. Mizukage

Is there a way to beat the Mizukage? Even Gaara's "absolute defense" almost collapses to block mizukage's attack. They know his weaknesses but he's too strong, Mizukage's jutsu resembles oil more than it does water and it seeps in even destroy Gaara's defense. He isn't easy opponent, Third Tsuchikage and Gaara work together with Oonoki as attacker and Gaara as defender. But Oonoki used too much chakra during his battle with 2nd Tsuchikage. He dosesn't have any other option except to come right at him and smash him with "Earth Elemen-Rock Fist Technique" but Mizukage's defense doesn't shake at all. It turns out still has another jutsu "Earth Elemen-Super Agravated Rock Technique" and it work. By using that technique, Oonoki finally broke the genjutsu but his life is in danger. Fortunately, the eye of sand has been watching Oonoki this whole time and switch him with a sand clone. Gaara's trap succesfully caught him and burn him with "Desert tiered Imperial Funeral" jutsu. With those amount of sand, that oily water won't be able to seep through. Did the victory already in their hand?

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