September 13, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 555

Naruto Manga Chapter 555 Contradiction

Naruto's Rasenshuriken can't beat 3rd Raikage, it forces him to use Tailed Beast Bomb. But it's not easy task to creates that jutsu in human form. Naruto needs some advice from Killer Bee and Hachibi, so he asks the comm squad to patch him through to Yamanaka Inoichi in order to get in touch with them. But 3rd Raikage's attack interferes Naruto's plan, fortunately Dodai of the clouds as the comm squad work very fast, he protects Naruto while tricked the raikage with rubber ball jutsu. And Naruto finally get in touch with Bee and Hachibi, he ask hachibi about the fight with Raikage and the scar in his chest but Hachibi not clearly remember about that. Looks like Naruto get some clue from his conversation with Hachibi and he tries something out with frog-fu in sage mode. By using a normal rasengan and the ability to sense danger faster and greater in sage mode, Naruto face to face with the ultimate blade from Raikage. Naruto dodges his strike at the last second and aims straight for his arm. With that move, Raikage's sword backfires to himself and stab his own chest. It seems Naruto's guess is right, the scar on his chest, he did it on accident, with his own jutsu.

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