October 12, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 559

Naruto Manga Chapter 559 Reinforcements Arrive

It seem Kabuto's trump card has been arrived in battlefield. Another impure world resur-rection jutsu is summoned by Muu. It must be the strongest one, but who was he? While on the side of the squad join army, Naruto who take the role as reinforcement has arrived at every single battlefield. Although for the first time he met with the others, they can't believed that he is the real Naruto. It's because his smell and chakra signature are different than it was before. But it didn't took long enough to know that he is the real one after seeing his reckless action. The tides of battle has turned around after they got the over-whelming upper hand, all unit has overcome the enemy. But when the squad join army decided to take one step fordward to capture Madara, the new enemy appear in front of Gaara's unit. And which makes even more surprised is Muu came along with Madara Uchiha, The guy that they were thinking is the mastermind behind this war. As we know, for someone to be brought back to this world using the impure world resur-rection that would mean that the person brought back has died. So the next question is who in the world is the man behind the mask?

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