October 19, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 560

Naruto Manga Chapter 560 Madara Uchiha

Now after Madara Uchiha appeared in person with the impure world resur-rection jutsu, it causes confusion in the squad joins army about the one behind the mask. Even madara himself didn't think it will be like this. And finally he makes the first move with The Great Fireball Of Destruction. That jutsu has a huge range but the squad join army blocked it with The Wall of Water. It's not enough to stop his rampaging power. Naruto's clone is assisted by Oonoki to attack Madara with super huge ball rasengan, but Madara using his Susanoo to defend himself. When the other try to distract him, Naruto gathered his chakra until enough to release Rasen Shuriken. While Gaara try to stop Madara's move with his sand, Naruto landed his Rasen Shuriken into Madara, but the result is getting worst. By using rinnegan, Madara absorbed Naruto's chakra. It seems the sharingan user could really get to the rinnegan and the most shocked news is the power is in a whole different level from Nagato's power. The sage of the six paths finally show a part of that God's strength.

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