November 02, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 562

Naruto Manga Chapter 562 Find Yourself

After Madara showing the stength of God, Oonoki's will is unbroken, he decides to fight Madara by himself. It seems the war has changed Oonoki's heart and mind, he doesn't want to make another mistakes again like in the past. After fighting together with Naruto and Gaara, Oonoki realizes that they aren't simply leaving a record but building on their past mistakes, very slowly, but steadily getting better, moving toward peace. He swear to himself and their future that he will defeat Madara. While on main HQ, Lady Tsunade prepares for teleportation technique. But the problem is, that technique isn't ready yet to send people. But Tsunade's stubbornly asked to do that, she will gamble her life to protect them. And so The Raikage also decides to do the same thing, its time for the General Of The Army to step out. Both of them finally on the way to battlefield by using transport transfer technique. Mizukage also preparing her self to go fight with Madara, the battle between Five Kages Vs. Madara Uchiha will start soon. The ultimate team, The Five Kages would stand and fight together.

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