October 27, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 561

Naruto Manga Chapter 561 The Power In A Name

Madara's strength threaten the safety of squad join army, very large stone fell from sky like a meteor. They can't get out of range in time, so Oonoki is going to make that space rock lighter and try to stop it by using "Earth Release Ultra Light-Weight Rock Technique". Gaara also help him with his sand jutsu and it stopped for a moment until the second one came to them. Big disaster happen in squad join army, they lose many men at once, even tsuchikage, his injuries are severe. While the HQ still questioning about the real reason behind the masked man claim that he was Madara, and they get conclusion that the name it self is power, so the man behind the mask use it to draws attention of the world to him and it became a superb bluff powerful enough to drag them all into war. Back again into the battlefield, it seems kabuto know that Madara didn't die after his battle with Shodai Hokage at the valley of the end, even gained a portion of Hashirama's strength. And before the next attack, Madara make sure about the existence of kyuubi by releasing his chakra so it responds. After knowing that Naruto is the kyuubi jinchuriki, Madara attack them by using the wood jutsu. They are all in danger and Naruto don't have much chakra left. In situation like that kyuubi is offering Naruto its power, and with kyuubi's chakra Naruto save them from Madara's attack.

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